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Okay normally I don't do this but I need you all's help by either spreading the word about theses or buying them. I recently have been on a buying splurge due to me getting airplane tickets work related and getting my sponsorship ticket for Nightmare Nights Con in Dallas, TX this year. It wasn't until I realized that my checking account is a little low even after I did a six-month transfer to my savings account. The point is I need to pay my health insurance soon, and I need to start saving up for Nightmare Nights Con for gas, food, etc. So I decided to clean out my room and I'm going to sell two MLP Plushies that I got from eBay once upon a time.

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Thank you for reading.

Have a good, creative, and blessed day

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Chapter 6

    Two weeks had passed, and Katie was summoned through a secret note, to be at a private meeting with Hope and Chevalier at Hope’s mansion in the downtown district. As much as she was pleased to see assassin influence upon the gang members, it still made Katie apprehensive whenever she would pass by each member. Few of them will whistle at her, or some would say comments that Katie would block from her mind. She knocked on the front door, and a very muscled man answered the door.

“Yes, what do you want?” He’d asked in a thick german accent.

Katie gulped at she looked up at the 6’2 man, his hand seemed to be strong enough to break her arm alone.  

“I’m…I’m Katie Shepherd, Mistress Jensen has sent for me.” Katie reached into her pocket and gave the goliath a copy of the letter. He looked at it, then to her, and back down again. He then stepped away from the door frame, allowing her to enter into the mansion. The goliath told her that Hope and Chevalier were at the study. She passed by a few members as well, but what made Katie stopped in her tracks. There standing among a group of members was Deborah Carter. 

Deborah Carter, otherwise known as Dobby in the streets of the northern parts of New York, was a well-known pick pocketer and thief. Her father was a merchant very well known to be heavy with debts that followed him to his grave; so she took up dressing up as a boy in order to pick pocket from citizens and roamed the streets. Katie had come across Dobby in the docks when she and Daniel would try to be on the ship, but mostly in the most interesting of circumstances. Years ago, Dobby was in the herbalist shop years ago when she was twelve, trying to be as inconspicuous about her gender, she tries to ask Katie for a way to “stop his sister’s girl parts from bleeding to death”. Katie notices at Dobby’s ankles dried minstrel blood. She laugh and said,

“Didn’t any woman in your family taught you about the minstrel cycle?”

Dobby’s face turned horrid as if she was exposed for the first time. “Why should they tell me about girls business?” She cried out in defense. 

Young Katie shook her head and said, “Because it may as well be your bloody business if you are going to crossdress like that.” Katie chuckled as she realized she’d made a terrible pun in the right moment. One of few occasions where she gets the gestures correct.

Realizing that she was cornered, she unveiled that she only did the cross-dressing in order to aid her father. Katie in term provided her ointments, clean trousers, and insurance until Dobby chooses to show her true gender that she will keep it a secret. Katie and Dobby would often see each other as they pass by the streets, in time she would drop the facade, but kept the name Dobby. 

Katie wanted to know why Dobby was here. Did she join the brotherhood? Or is in contract with the gang? Dobby is know to do different contracts for people from time to time. From finding out when a rich family leaves to visit a sick grandmother in the Carolinas to giving gossip to the people about the governor.  Katie was about to go meet with Dobby when she realized that Hope and Chevalier were expecting her. But as she passed by, Dobby looked at her, smiled, and rubbed her thumb and index finger together. Katie gave a smile in response, for it was a hidden way to say hello, whenever they both wanted to keep low key.

Katie found the study hall and entered to see Hope looking at a map on a table, while Chevalier drank a cup of wine.

“Ah, here's the little lamb! We thought you were caught by the templar loups (wolves).”

“Perhaps I’m the wolf in sheep’s clothing, for no templar I’ve come in contact ever suspects me to be an assassin.”

“Hide in plain sight.” Hope quoted as she walked towards her. “You also should know to NEVER compromise the brotherhood.”

Katie was confused. As far as she was concerned she’d never exposed anything that could compromise the brotherhood.

“I do not understand?” Katie asked, both confused and in her deepest of hearts, afraid. “What could I have done wrong?”

Hope crossed her arms. “One of my men spotted you being assisted home by Corneal Monro. Why didn’t you strike him down in that moment like I taught you?”

Katie’s confusion went to self-righteous anger. She somehow had the courage to straiten up and said, “The Corneal happened to assist me from a band of the same thugs you entered into this establishment. It happened to be the same group that you of all women know hates Irishmen.”

“That does not excuse the matter of why you didn’t strike Monro when you had the chance?” Hope’s eyes were rock hard and sharp enough to pierce through a human, but Katie stood her ground.

“Oh, so there's no excuse to where an undercover assassin has to be inconspicuous as the public members pass by, and yet the same members attacked my aunt and uncle while I was doing Pierce’s deliveries for our contacts. I think they were the ones who don’t know the meaning of the word settle when it comes to our terms as assassins.”

Chevalier stood up from his chair, and walked towards her, “I would have to congratulate you for showing such disrespect to an assassin master. For this would certainly lead you to a great downfall upon yourself. Now answer the damn question!” Chevalier’s expression was changed to a great mixture of arrogance and rage. Katie had to think of her words carefully, but she needed to address the truth without exposing the rest of the story. Perhaps the member didn’t see nor known about Shay rescuing me. Katie prayed that it would be so. 

“I didn’t have my blades possessed at the time, I was simply trying to keep the facade as real as possible while delivering medicines for civilians.”

“An assassin always carries his or her weapons Katie, no matter how simple the jobs are.” Hope instructed her, withdrawing one of her own hidden blades. Katie huffed, Holy saints keep me from stabbing this woman before my first real mission. 

“If we can abort dodging the subject matter, your gang attacked my family as well as myself, under your rules. You should be the one to teach your new members who are assassins…”

“They are dead Katie!” Hope cried out. “The entire batch dead in the street and their headquarters are now occupied by soldiers. The leader was found murdered as well.” 

Katie was surprised that all the members were dead, including the Pedro of a leader. She puffed away a stray curl away from her face, “Well, I give whoever was responsible a metal for finally showing the Spanish dogs not to cross again.”

Chevalier’s fists cliched as he tried to hold off his temper. Katie had experience enough through Barry and other members of the assassins to know when a man’s blood boils an extra degree.

“Did you kill them?” He asked, his face almost red as the wine.

Katie placed her hands on her hips. “If I did them, I would have killed Monro as well if like I said before if I had my hidden blades on me!”

Hope walked around her and looked down at Katie. “We are only looking into this, for my men saw you, and we still haven't found out who was responsible. If you were attacked, did you see who was the man responsible?”

It was at that moment, Katie was torn between telling them about Shay, or keeping it quiet. 

How can I keep it obvious, that a man dead to the brotherhood is alive and killed a group of men saved my life and I just tell them? 


I have to keep it quiet, I have to turn Shay back to the ways of the creed, and it is successful, Achilles and the master assassins would have to respect me as an equal. 

What would happen to Shay, though?  Shay. If everything I heard is about what happened was true, they’d probably execute him right on the spot for steeling a stupid bunch of notes. I…I have to… keep this quiet for now.

“No. No I didn’t see the man responsible. He ran off when them glorified lobsters of soldiers heard my screams. The Corneal was among them, saw I was injured and brought me home. Plain and simple as it gets! You say I compromise our cover for being the victim of a gang bang by your gang! I believe your the one who misunderstood the definition of compromise.” 

A shocking wave of pain went through her as Chevalier threw a punch unto Katie’s chin. She caught herself onto the chair. Hope pushed Chevalier back and yelled, “That’s enough!”

Katie whipped away the blood steaming down from the corner or her mouth.

“You dared show such disrespect to your masters! You maybe Liam’s favorite recruit, thinking you are so special! I often wonder if your worthy of that blade at all!”

“Master Colley, please take Master Chevalier outside, he had too much to drink!” Hope called out to the large man.

He nodded and escorted the french assassin out of the room. He was shouting out what Katie assumed was a mouthful of french insults.

Katie straitened herself up and looked at Hope. If she was expecting an apology or expressions of concern, then none was received. Katie recovered from the punch, looked at Hope and said boldly, “You didn’t summon me just for a rhetorical session and a fight club from drunken french captains, did you?”

Hope straitened up. “We have recent connections through some members of the french troops. We even have a new recruit that has joined the brotherhood, and wants to be an underground assassin. His name is Pierre Bellec, he will be by New York in a few weeks. You need to teach him the methods of the antidote and poison decision. I understand that Jean has discovered the main poison preferably used by the templars for the centuries. Master it for us, we also need you to be one of the try outs for the antidotes.”

“So you are asking me to try my own creations in a hall full of gas?” Katie asked, tilting her head.

Hope shook her head, her brunette hair flowing around. “Not quite. We are planning to use the poison Jean is perfecting to not only be a shield against the gas but any form of poison from darts.” Hope took out from behind the desk a long blow dart.

Katie shook her head. “So, I’m not only gonna be gassed, but poisoned for testing as well. Pretty soon the wold will go mad with this crazy idea. Don’t let any of the king’s royal friends know about this.”

Incoming message:

Katie don’t give Abstergo or anyone any ideas! I swear either Abstergo’s programing is giving us this futuristic sarcasm or people never listened to her. Otherwise we wouldn’t have a holocaust.

End of Message



Hope again gave the stone glair upon Katie. Her next words were serious as well as direct. “It’s time to put aside foolish ambition and sarcasm Katie. Things already are hard to come by, including reliable allies. Will you be willing to assist?”

Katie knew that she would have to. She wanted to prove to Pierce and the other assassins that she could be more useful than just another undercover with a pretty face.

All Katie could do was the nod and say, “Aye.”

Hope smiled and turned to the door, “We shall start as soon as Pierce confirms the make of the posion. Master Colley, please escort Miss Shepherd out the door.” 

Katie turned to see the large man coming into the door frame. He nodded and urged Katie to follow him.

Katie rubbed her chin when she left the sight of the mansion. It wasn’t the first time she gotten punched by a man, yet the stun of the master’s words hurt more than the impact of the punch.

“Never thought I see a lass take a beating like that.”

Katie smiled. “Perhaps you should take a look at the governor's window sometime if you want to see such a lass.”

Katie turned to see Dobby leaning against the side of a building, her arms crossed. “I never expected you of all the daughter’s of Ireland to take that kind of a beating without a tear leaking like old roofs.”

Katie rolled her eyes. “Perhaps it was mostly my Scottish blood that kept me from crying like a little lass.”

Dobby gave a laugh as she examined the bruise on Katie’s chin. “Well, the pleasant news is that it didn’t leave a huge mark.”

Katie sighed. “Good. I don’t want Barry to go on another rampage.”

“Not the first time taking on a punch?” Dobby asked.  

Katie gave a smirk with her shoulders shrugging. 

As the two women walked down the street, Katie saw the opportunity to ask Dobby, “So Dobby, what were you doing among those thugs?”

“Says the lady who waltzes into a mansion full of them,” Bobby remarked.

Shaking her head, Katie sighed, “I just…I was just there to settle business matters for Pierce that's all.”

Dobby stepped in front of Katie and said, “I’m sure that lovely shiner on your cheek is a gentleman way of settling ‘business matters’ in the world nowadays.”

“It’s not what you think. I just was giving them a few valves and potions to settle drunkenness.” Katie hated lying to Dobby, but what choice did she have. Dobby wasn’t one to follow any alliance, nor would she disregard any contract offered for her service.

Katie rubbed her chin again and asked, “And what of you Dobby, what brings you here?”

Dobby placed a hand on her hips and said, “Doing what I know best. Be eyes and ears to anyone who needs information not matter how dirty. And from what I heard you are one to experiment with gasses now.”

“I was just delivering a paper from Pierce!” Katie quickly lied. “I guess the Frenchman didn’t like what I delivered.”

“Aye, but he was too drunk and had a head hotter than a stallion longing to thrust a poor mare.”

“Deborah!” Katie cried. 

“No need to get tighter then a union knot, everyone needs a bit of fun here and there.”


Hey there friend, Sorry to interrupt but I need to send this quickly. I found information that Katie knew another assassin that you might be familiar with. Remember this pile of grease? 
Pierre for VioVolpe by EdelBlaegreen
Yes, Katie trained Pierre Bellec when he joined the colonial assassins when he was marshal for the french. I guess she was the one who kind of trained him about how to keep secrets, and poisons. Yes I knew about Bellec’s actions, I read your file. Thanks Bishop for that.

As for the boy, well we managed to get our secret helpers to take him down to our save haven to “Father” Vincent. Hey don’t ask me any more information on him, he’s…a character we cannot not allow anyone police, templars, or anyone out of our knowledge know. And he may look ferocious, but he has the soul of a saint and poem. So were keeping him there until we get a better idea.  

As for what is the following after her talk with Dobby. Well based on what I read in the files from Katie's journal, she'd been experimenting on antidotes for over the course of the month and a half. Poor girl must of been close to death one too many times. Still, she trained extra hard when she was "assigned" to go to Davenport homestead. I bet we get to see a ceremony of her becoming an assassin, since we didn't get to see them with Achillies with Connor. I just sure as hell pray it's not as creepy as that stuff the french used in their orientation. What was that stuff? And come to think of it, does Katie know something about it.

Ah hold on dear friend. Shaun's calling. 


Shaun. Yeah it's Vicar. I think I have a hunch what the Templars are looking for. I believe they are looking for a liquid source to what the french brotherhood used. Yes I know. Oh don't you call me a yank for that. Look all I know was Bellic was in America when the assassin brotherhood of the colonies fell, and I bet he has something to do with it. Yeah. alright. Tell Rebecca to take it easy. And be careful, that guy is enough to be considered James Bonds evil twin. Peace.

Okay, obviously we need to dig deeper. So where I'm taking you now is a month and a half following. It maybe a while to upload the files, hopefully Abstergo would not find us. But I got a little left here to give you a headway.

End of Message

Late August 1756

Another month and a half had passed before Katie saw Shay again. 

It happened at the market place, where she was assigned by Cassidy to fetch vegetables and meat for dinner, despite the raised prices due to the war provisions. Most of the farmers in the market had to apologize ever unsatisfied customer for the raise of prices.

Katie also planned to stop by Daniel’s grave and to place a bunch of flowers on the stone, to pay her respects after supper. Her basket was heavy with the meat and vegetables required for a beef stew. So she swung it around to flex her arms, to prevent from getting tired.

“Your about to lose that carrot if you keep on swinging that basket around like that.”

Katie turned around to see the man who owned that voice. There was no-one on the street that seemed to look at her. Perhaps she was imagining the familiar owner of the voice. Katie looked down to see a carrot poking out of the basket. As she tucked the carrot underneath the cloth when a small petal hit her shoulder. Katie turned to see if a group of boys were gesturing her. Again the only groups around were soldiers and women gossiping under a shaded grove of trees. Another petal landed on her shoulders and fell in between her breasts! Embarrassed, she quickly walked behind an old oak tree, and drew the small rock out from her corset. She tossed it onto the dirt road and straitened her shirt. As she walked back around, Katie look up to see Shay laying across one of the tree branches looking down at her.

“How long have you been up there?” Katie asked, her face slugged with an amusing smile.

“Long enough to see my favorite member of the Finnegan’s again,” Shay replied. 

“And yet you wouldn’t send as much as your cabin boy to let me know ahead of time.”

“Sorry to ‘drop in’ unannounced,” Shay said with a fun charm in his tone as he swung his way down. “I just wanted to surprise the young little lass first.”

Katie huffed. “I’m not as young as you think. I’m close to being twenty.”

“I tip my hat if I had one.”

“Is it also gentlemanly of you to toss rocks at women, or is it a way of rescuing my dress again but in a higher ranking?”

Shay gave a loud laugh. “I honestly didn’t aim for it, but I sure as hell would have loved to see your face  and aid in removing that rock if it weren't for that sharp brain of yours.”

Katie placed a hand on her hip and shook her head. “Well, then I don’t look so sharp as a rose thorn when I’m talking to a grown man in a tree like Zacchaeus the tax collector.”

Opening his arms Shay replied, “Then ask me to come on down like Christ himself did…” 

Shay shifted his weight the wrong direction, and could have fallen into the street face first if he didn’t grab the branch and landed on his knees. Katie covered her mouth to hide a laugh. She saw the group of women whispering and chuckling behind their fans.

Katie went to Shay and aided him unto his feet, dusting his robe off as she helped Shay unto his feet. “My thanks.” He said.

“It’s no trouble. One must aid any person that has had an unscheduled dismount from a tree. Although note from the wise, horses seems to be nobler to fall off from then trees.” Katie gave a wink. Shay looked at the basket Katie had hung on her elbow. He fished the basket off her arm and analyzed the contents. 

“Creating a king’s feast with these things?” He asked. Of course the carrots, beef, potatoes, and spices were hardly enough to call it a fine meal.

“Cassidy just needs whatever is available for her beef stew,” Katie replied and she snatched her basket back.

“Of course.” Shay was about to walk away, when he turned and said, “Or, you can accompany me. We could leave the ingredients at you home, and-we could talk, just the two of us.”

Katie leaned in and whispered, “A longing then, getting tired of the men and need female companionship?”

“I would never try to…” Shay raised his hands, fearing that he’d gave Katie the wrong idea.

Katie only giggles and said, “It’s fine. Of course, we should talk. It’s been too long.” She looked down at the basket. “But we need to take this over before Cassidy hangs both our hides.”

Walk in Two Worlds: AC Rogue Fanfic Chapter 6
Whew, Chapter six is finally done! Featuring some easter eggs! Yep a young Dobby and Bellic. Now this was a struggle to write the assassin's plot in there, trying to not make them look too bad, yet have to have flaws. So yeah Hope and Katie have a rocky mentorship. Next chapter, a little more background to Katie, and even Shay in my head cannon as they explore the Morrigan. I would once again would like to thank sunsetagain for the insperation and advice.

Next Chapter: </u>

Walk in Two Worlds: AC Rogue Fic Chapter 7    Walking along the streets, Katie and Shay watched the people passing as they walked toward Katie’s home. A crowd was just admiring the reconstruction of the catholic church, the one Katie and her family attend mostly. Katie gave a smile that seemed to had made Shay feel proud of himself for aiding the congregation, even though he himself would go on and off at the services. Shay only remembered being in a church when his Aunt Eliza had taken him from time to time, the oldest memories were the magic lantern that the father would show to the children. The thought one again turned his attention back to the thought of Liam. He oftener wondered about him, and the grief that he must be going through.
“Cassidy mentioned that you helped funded this with Monro.” Shay’s thoughts were interrupted as Katie spoke. 
“After the way those gangs terrorized this street, the Corneal reckoned we give the people hope.” 
“I have to admit

Previous chapter
Walk in Two Worlds: AC Rogue fanfic Chapter 5Incoming message...
Hello. Hello, is this thing on? Ah here we are.
Greetings assassin. What’s the matter you’ve never seen a handsome man behind Bishop’s desk before. (chuckles) Well don’t you worry friend, I’m no templar if that’s what you think I am.
Allow me to introduce myself. You may call me Vicar. Bishop is looking at new leads from the other line for our contacts and she can’t measure all your whereabouts. Things went crazy after seeing that freak Juno with her clones being developed. I mean come on man, I thought Lucas’s clones were bad enough. Anyways, we sent you these files of Kathryn Shepherd because she may lead us to something that would aid us against abstergo. Perhaps maybe there was a weapon that can defeat Juno. 

From what I’d heard from my baby girl in KCMO, you have a feeling that Katie seemed average Joe. W

First Chapter
Walk in Two Worlds: An AC Rogue Fanfic Chapter 1To the recipient of this USB file,
 I am not sure how you got this, but I pray that this is in Assassin hands. But if not, there is an email that you need to contact. I am bleeding and barely keeping it settle in a internet Cafe, but it is hard to do…when you are injured by a shot in the arm.
I don’t have much time, in the following is an email All you have to do is email it with a simple code. It’s NOTHINGISTRUE72! Just send a copy of the folder and it will get there. You may expect someone contacting you for more information. In the mean time, you are responsible for this data. This is data from Abstergo Entertainment on an unknown subject matter. This subject’s DNA will be the key…
Need to go. All I can say, the ancestor your about to witness is an assassin from the French and Indian war. Abstergo skipped the rest due to the first data being…normal at that time. But I have dug into it, and trust me,

Assassin's Creed © Ubisoft
Katie Shepherd © Shawnie J. Peck
Two worlds: Wish you where here (commission) by Sonala

Chapter 3

    Scrubbing away the grind from a shirt was the perfect source of relief, for her mind was swimming with questions. Why did Monro bring Shay here? Does Shay know who Katie is? Will Achilles come invade her home? Should she inform him? The questions were swarming around her mind like hornets. She had to make a decision swiftly, She had to decide either to inform the assassins and risk the exposure of her and Daniel’s secret lives to Cassidy and Barry or keep it quiet in homes of not allowing the colonial or anyone of either the assassins to keep quiet in order to reopen the wounds that were barely healing in her family.

    Katie hung the clothes on the clothesline in the backside of the house, and went inside the house and quickly snatched the torn robes into the basket. She knew that they were probably damaged beyond repair; nevertheless, she didn’t want the risk of Shay’s robes exposing her secret, or his. Katie took the basket into her bedroom and hid them underneath some clothes in her dresser. Katie then went into her rough sack and pulled out a leather pouch full of grounded willow bark. She went back down to the kitchen and poured it into a teapot full of hot water. Katie allowed the willow to brew in the hot water for a few minutes before she’d took the tray, and walked back up to Shay’s bedroom. Katie quietly entered the room, not knowing if Shay was awake or not. She’d placed the tray on the desk and poured the tea into a cup, the bitter earth smells being carried into the hair by the heat and steam. 

    She approached the bed with the cup and looked down to see Shay in a half comatose state. His eyes were hazed over, his brow was still overflowed with the flow of sweat. Katie placed the cup on the bedside table and lightly placed her hand upon Shay’s brow. The skin was so hot, she’d felt the heat coming from the skin before she’d touched his brow. She had wished she’d brought a cold wet cloth to reduce the flames emerging. A shaky hand went on top of hers, and she looked eye to eye with Shay. Katie wasn’t sure if there were a stream of sweat or tears streaming down Shay’s cheeks.

    “If you are here to take me away and pay for Lisbon, I beg off if you, take me away from this hell I’m living.” Shay’s voice was husky and dry. Katie’s heart was struck, confirming that this man was indeed the fallen assassin. Like Lucifer falling from heaven. She could see this man suffering not only from pain but a great source of guilt.  She stroke a stray hair away Shay’s face and said,

“I’m not the angel of death, but I’m sure as bloody hell you will not die on my watch.”

    Katie took the cup from the bedside table and sat right by his head. As she supported Shay’s head as she’d tilted the cup, allowing the warm liquid to pass through Shay’s lips, even when some trickled from the corners of his mouth. Shay coughed so viciously that Katie feared that her force nature would kill Shay in her arms. Though Achilles would have wanted that if he’d known about Shay being in her own home. 

    Katie gently placed Shay’s head back on the pillow. As she started cleaning the wounds on Shay’s lower abdomen, Katie heard Shay say, “What was that awful stuff you had given me?”

Katie glanced behind, then looked down at the wound, and replied,

“Brewed willow bark. Normally there be honey mixed into hid the flavor, but you had to be wrecked up to the ruins in February of all months.” Katie saw that the infection had continued to ooze out. She knew that she had to keep it clean repeatedly. Katie knew that the last wraps were being dried on the clothes line, and she wasn't smart enough to think about bringing a clean cloth to soak in. Katie dug her hand into her sleeve, pulled out a handkerchief, and soaked it in the pot. Katie continued,

“Suppose to help your body become numb to the pain.”

“Thought a good pint was supposed to numb the pain,” Shay commented with a huff.

Katie huffed a chuckle, causing a loose piece of red hair to blow away from her face. She removed the handkerchief, squeezed the water from it, and started cleaning the infection away.

Shay gritted his teeth as Katie cleaned the wound with such swift force that it seemed to burn. 

Katie wished not only for a bigger cloth, but that Shay would not tighten his mussels.      


Shay’s vision was still fogged up, yet his focus was upon this angel of death that is now tending the gunshot wound. Shay could still feel pain, yet miraculously the pain was numbing as the minutes ticked by. Still, he felt a hard scrubbing feeling of pain as the woman, Kathryn cleaned the gunshot wound.  Shay could have sworn that he’d heard her whispered: “I’m sorry.”.  

Shay wanted to touch something warm again, not for the desire of the flesh, but to cool down the coolness of her fingers. He took the hand that Kathryn was holding the newly squeezed handkerchief, and placed it upon the long scar on his left chest. He could tell that Kathryn was confused, but he continued to clean his wound, thinking that she would know where it hurts the most. Kathryn did not withdraw, but said, “I’m pretty capable of cleaning a wound Master Cormac.”

 She washed the long scar for a while, then she refreshed the cloth with water, and gently cleaned the scar over his right eye. He closed his eyes and breathed deeply, the cool water reducing the fever for a while, the streams of water flooded upon his face. His heart and mind found it as an opportunity to have the waterfall of willow water disguise his tears of physical and emotional hurt. When he opened them again, Kathryn looked down with an unknown emotion he could not recognize. Was it pity or suspicion? Suddenly an idea-expression had come across her face. She placed the bloody handkerchief on the edge of a table, went out of site for a while until Shay could hear a chair being pulled up. He looked to see Kathryn seating herself down with a book she’d placed on her lap. She opened the cover and began to read out loud. Shay listened to the flow of the words coming from the book. He imagined being in the flow of the sea again as the words eased his mind into a foreign peace of contentment. 


Robinson Crusoe had been one of Katie’s favorite stories when she was young. It was one of many books that Daniel had first read to her after her landing into the colonies. Robinson Crusoe was Daniel’s favorite to read, the story of survival in the midst of circumstances with his best friend, Friday. They would often exchange books back and forth, along with articles they find in the newspapers freshly pressed. Her two most precious books were the King James Bible and the collection of books of works by William Shakespeare that Daniel managed to give to her on her 16th birthday. Katie was astounded that he’d gave her such kingly gifts, that she didn't realize that he’d purchased it on one of his trips to Lawrence Washington and the Templars. Katie decided to read out “Robinson Crusoe” to Shay since based on experience has since calmed a person that had been through hell.     

Katie had continued to read  to Shay for most of the day. When Cassidy came in with a lunch for Katie, she stood at the doorway watching as Katie continued to read. When her stomach protested against the reading, Katie folded a corner of the page to mark her place and sat it down on the table. Cassidy placed the tray of bread, summer sausage, and cheese and sat down on the other end. Tears were glistening in Cassidy’s eyes,

“Daniel used to read that to you when you were crying after the nightmares.”

Katie nodded, chewing on a slice of bread.

“And whenever I get sick as well,” Katie replied. “Figured that our visitor needed a diversion from whatever hell he went, though.”  Cassidy whipped a stray tear from the corner of her eye and chuckled,

“I remember you used to try to sneak on one of the ships with Daniel just so you can see with Robinson and Friday were really in the West Indies,” 

Katie smirked and chuckled. “I remember when the crew was freaking out when the captain leads us away, saying that it was horrible luck to have a woman on the ship. Not sure if a young girl counts as bad luck.”

Katie’s smile was turned into a frown as she’d once again thought of Daniel, why couldn’t things be the way they were?            

A few nights later

A man’s scream had jolted Katie awake, gripping the dagger she’d kept underneath her pillow. Katie gathered a night shawl to place on her shoulders, lit a candle and hurried into Shay’s bedroom. She opened the door to see Shay kicking away the sheets and clawing his hands toward his face. Katie trotted toward the bed and saw the blood that stained the bed sheets. The source came from the scabs of the scar over his right eye. Shay did complain one time that it was itching like hell, but she refused to allow him to scratch. This time, the nightmares caused such distress, that he scratched his face, causing his scar to bleed. Katie set the candle down on the side bed. She tried to shake him awake, but his strength proved to be too strong for her to maintain him to the bed. She then saw that Barry came into the room, aiding her to wake up Shay. His eyes opened so wide that they seemed inhuman. Sweat and blood had shined in the candlelight. 

Barry stepped back and utter, “Sweet mother Mary, are you haunted by serpents or something?” 

“Are you alright Shay?” Cassidy asked with worry in her voice.

Shay breathed heavily, the sight of him made Katie frightened. 

    Shay’s head slowly landed on Katie’s shoulder, even though he didn’t make a sound, she could feel hot tears and blood staining her shawl. She held him for a while, as Cassidy handed Katie a clean cloth for her to wrap around Shay’s eye. Katie positioned herself onto the bed, supporting Shay’s head with her shoulder as she wrapped the bandage. The tears still streamed down in unison with the blood, trailing upon Katie’s fingers. Her heart sank hard with compassion and sadness. How could he betray the brotherhood and go through this hell? 

    Katie moved the strays of Shay’s hair that were stuck into the deep wound and stroke it behind his ear. She laid him down to bed as Cassidy placed the sheets back on top of him. 

As they left, Cassidy said, “We’ll need to clean those sheets anyway.”

    The following morning, Katie and Cassidy were supporting Shay’s arms as he walked weakly toward the chair. He sat heavily and groaned. 

“Merciful heavens, your nothing but dead weight.” Katie groaned as she placed a blanket around Shay. 

Shay smiled a weak smile. All the morning long, he’d apologized to Katie, Barry, and Cassidy for awakening them. Katie only brushed it away with her sarcastically saying, “Look at it this way, you did make enough nice to wake the dead in time for the midnight mass.”

“Kathryn!” Cassidy scolded. “You're starting to sound like Barry.” 

Shay gave a hard laugh. “I sure like your humor, Kathryn.”

“Oh don’t bother, you can call me Katie if you’d like,” Katie said as she’d removed the blood stained sheets from the bed. In her mind she sarcastically said to herself, It’s still too bloody early to clean blood off the sheets. 

As Cassidy handed the mug to Shay, she looked at Katie and said, “If it weren't for Barry having jokes on your name, I would say that name more.”

Shay gave a deep gulp, feeling the dark tea soothing past his dried throat. It must have cost the Finnegan’s a fortune. “I agree. Not that Katie suites your personality, but it is very pretty. My father was last seen on a ship called the Kathryn.” 

Katie turned in surprise. “I didn’t realize you were from a line of sailors. I mean I suspected you were at sea when you had your…accident. Wheres your father now?”

Shay’s eyes went downcast to the mug. “He’s…long gone. The Kathryn and himself were taken by a raging storm.”

Cassidy placed a hand on Shay’s shoulder. “I’m terribly sorry Shay. We know too well what it’s like to lose a family member.” Cassidy’s eyes began to water. Katie dropped the sheets, pulled out a handkerchief and gave it to Cassidy. 

“Aunt Cassidy, why won’t you go to Market and get me some needles and thread please.” 

Cassidy nodded as she sniffed. “Of course Lassie girl, but I’m afraid Shay’s clothes are beyond repair.” 

Katie shook her head. “Those clothes had to be put out of their misery. No, I’m working on a shirt that It's got a hole on. And I’m working on a skirt.” In secret, Katie had been cutting away pieces of Shay’s uniform. She planned to use the fragments for a robe Katie wanted to make for herself when the time comes.

“I’m sure it would look lovely,” Cassidy said as she left the room.

Katie turned back to the bundle of sheets and picked them off the floor. “I’m sorry about that Shay. Barry and Cassidy had lost their son recently, Cassidy hasn't really recovered yet.”

Shay nodded. No words were needed. Shay looked out the window, there walking along the window seal was a large orange cat. He then asked, “That your cat Katie?”

Katie turned in the doorway and sighed. “Yes, that would be Leo. But don’t you let him in, or Cassidy would have our scalps.”

When Katie returned, she had a new set of sheets in her arms. As she made her bed, Katie dared to ask, “So what were you dreaming about last night?”

Shay looked at Katie with his one visible eye and gave a sigh. “I thought I was caught one again in a great earthquake, next thing I’d known, devilish shadows were devouring me whole.”

Katie flattened the sheets with such force as she listened. She could only imagine what he must have gone through.    


The following weeks passed by, then weeks evolved into months, Katie had been going back and forth to the shop as well as back to the Finnegan’s home. Katie continued to aid Shay in the recovery progress. His fever began to break, and he was able to feed himself more independently, although he was charming when he kept requesting Katie to aid his feeding. He only response was a huff. “I better stop reading “Julius Caesar” for your thinking I can just feed you grapes one by one.” Shay would always have a smart reply on every reply. Mostly he would say, “Only if it came from a pretty lass like you Katie.” 

“I only pray that your not getting bed sores so I can read to you.”

One a few days, Shay would have trouble remembering Cassidy and Barry’s names, for there were few times when Shay would not attempt Katie’s name when the fever would return, only to call her Lassi gal or Katie Cruel, that name for a fun nickname due to Katie making sure she would not let him alone in peace. Nor having him in bed all day. 

The days were also filled with countless possibilities of asking Shay about his betrayal to Achilles and the assassins. Yet every time there was an opportunity, Barry would ask Katie down to help with a chore that was needed. Katie would often roll her eyes, wishing that she could move out soon. However, the nineteen-year-old never had a man wanting to court her, not without Daniel and Barry scaring them away. Still, she still wouldn’t trade the only family she had for anything.

One day, Katie was in the herbalist shop, tending to the desk in Master Pierce’s absence. In the public’s view, Jean Pierce was unwell and could not hold the shop; when in reality, he had been transporting new weapons from Ceaser's ship and is currently going into the street ghettos to give the allies away from the eyes of the British. Katie was reading a herbalist tea, making a mixture of Master Louis’ wife, who was expecting a baby. The herbs were to help sooth away the morning sickness. Katie often wondered how can a person give up much when a child comes into the picture, not to mention giving up physical health and mentality in a progress of the pregnancy. Still, she had a job to do. Continuing to grind and pound, the sound of the door opening caught Katie off guard. She looked up only to see Achilles and Hope walking into the shop. She stood up straight and in her business voice she said,

“Welcome to Prices Herbalist Shop, how may I assist you today?”

Achilles nodded slightly, as Hope placed a piece of paper on the counter.

“Were here to discuss a herb that my son back home needs for the flu,” Hope said, looking at the back door to the storage.

Katie looked back and forth to see if there were other customers. When she saw that no one was in sight, Katie said, “Why won’t you come to the back shop, I believe Miser Pierce has an order ready for you.

Achilles and Hope followed Katie past the counter and into the drying room. Dozens upon dozens of herbs and plants hang from the walls like tobaccos in a plantation. The smell of bitter plants flowed through the spring air. When Katie shut the front door, Katie dropped the facade and addressed to Achilles. “Mentor, what can I be of service?”

Achilles looked down on Katie with a serious expression. “Kathryn, I understand you know most of the templars activity recently.”

Katie took a split second to place the news of Shay’s presence to the back burner of her mind. Still, Katie only gave Achilles what he needs to know.

“The British had been coming in more by the near hundreds to fight the french. Coronal Monro has been in and out of New York more than usual. As for activities, I cannot say. Has been quiet after Lawrence Washington’s “death”.”

This face was true. Katie used to get all the information of the templars through her many deliveries with Daniel to Master Washington’s mansion. Still, things had been dormant.

Hope was examining a piece of dried lavender as she spoke. “Kathryn, we are here to analyze the conditions of New York in the influence of the army. Master Pierce has mentioned in a letter that there was a gang in your district that would be highly qualified to join our alliance.”

Katie’s eyes went wide. There was no possibility of Katie confirming to the mentor and master that this gang of Spaniards would join the brotherhood. 

Katie then said, “With all do respect Hope, I’m not half sure if this gang would be suitable to our creed. They could abuse the power. Sure they can get the job done yes…”

“Then there is no other reason why we can’t allow them to join.” Achilles interrupted. “We are already started too far, following the french and British as far as the south as the north. From what you mentioned in your last letter, this gang fears us, and would surrender for safety.”

“My resource also tell me that they know the whereabouts of Monro and his commanders in the surrounding districts. You need to learn that the enemy of your enemy can be your friend Kathryn.”

Katie’s mind swirled around. The sound of the front door broke the silence.

“I’ll be there, please wait,” Katie called out. She turned to Achilles. “Then you are to know Jean Pierce is delivering the weapons, I assume more is on the way.”

Achilles gave Katie the paper and said, “We have a ship at the fort headquarters. The “herbs from Nassau” will be below deck.”

Katie lead them out of the room and pointed them to the back alley door.

“And Kathryn,” Hope said. “You must keep a watch for a man named Christofer Gist. He’s a dangerous templar with a habit of going to a pub. I suspect he might come in for hangover ointments. Please pass it on to Master Pierce as well.”

Katie nodded. “Safe journeys master.

Hope and Katie shook hands, and the assassins left, leaving Katie to tend a patron.  

Katie wanted to tell someone about Shay’s stay, his connections, and so many other thoughts and feelings suffocating her head. The only creature she could talk to was Leo. The lazy cat would offer to get into her bedroom when night approaches. As she writes the letters to Hope about the conditions of the gangs in New York that are highly recommend to join, including the Spaniard's gang that would often give the district heartache. As Leo jumped into Katie’s lap, she stroked the long body as she gives her secrets lightly to her cat.

“Do you really believe that Hope would allow the Spaniards to join? If yes, I don’t see how they can serve the assassins without them continuing their trattorie. Bad habits die hard I suppose.”

Leo looked up at Katie, as he started to playfully wrestle with her arm, biting her lightly as a progress. She picked him up and placed him on the bed. The cat gave a huge stretch across the bed, resulting him to fall asleep. Katie knew that Cassidy would kill her if she’d got caught with Leo in the bedroom. She was even surprised that Barry never addressed to her that if he’d caught Shay messing with his niece, that he would skin him alive; however all knew that Shay would be too weak to think of the idea. Considering that moment a mercy on Shay’s part.

Of course, Katie would still read out loud to Shay, if not only for habit, but it took both of them away from their realities. Somedays, Shay would ask for a book to read while everyone in the Finnegan’s tended to their work. Still, no one really knew who Shay really was, and Katie can’t reveal it to anyone. 


One day, in June, Katie had to make some errands for Pierce to take to Hope Johnson’s gangs. The secret message she read contained information that the Peros had joined the Assassin’s alliance after they captured Christopher Gist, right after when she reported seeing him at the herbalist shop asking for ointment. They scheduled his execution later this afternoon. Katie was wearing her favorite gray-blue skirt with a white blouse and a gray corset vest. She grabbed her basket with her herbs hiding the secret message at the bottom. As she passed Daniel’s bedroom, she could tell that Shay was still asleep. She wanted to talk to him about his tie to the assassins, but she knew that a person should never wake a wounded man up. She went downstairs, Barry was tending to the cooking fire and Cassidy was making a cup of tea with willow bark.  

“I better get to Master Pierce’s shop,” Katie said. “Shall you need anything?” 

Barry waved his hand as he said, “Nah, I would like a way to get rid of those gangs. A dog perhaps.” 

Katie understood what Barry was expressing. For the past few months ever since the Peros had joined with Hope’s gang alliance, they had been forcing citizens of select streets to pay money for not harming citizens. Katie only wished that Hope would use her opinion as a reference for this gang.  

“Can’t guarantee a dog uncle, but I’m sure Leo could scratch them to death.” She teased with a giggle. Barry laughed as well.

Cassidy then kissed Katie’s cheek as Katie left the house. Cassidy insured her that she will make Shay drink and for him to not be delirious; for there were a few times when Shay would forget everyone's names due to the fevers that come and go. As she exited out the door, she turned to her left up the streets. There was a moment when Katie could of feel the presence of someone watching. She shook her head and continued on. 

As Katie finished delivering her runs through the back streets, she could hear footsteps coming running behind her. Katie turned and trapped three gang members between old wooden barrels. She ran across as they chased her. 

“Come back here you little…” Katie misheard the words with the sound of a small explosion coming from the street thick gray smoke blocked her vision, causing her to trip and skid a long way down the street landing in a cold puddle. For a moment, she thanked God that it wasn't urine.  She turned to see a man reaching toward her. 

Walk in Two Worlds: AC Rogue Fanfic Chapter 3
Whew, I am so sorry it took so long. I'm currently in Montana and internet was very limited. The more the reason to write with more dephth.

This chapter I feel a little more satisfied with, providing the opertunity to showcase Katie's characteristics and personalaties. The information is true about willowbark being an herble supliment through my wrangler survival training and a conversation with an herblist I knew back in Durango. Its also true that fevers can make a person have violent delosions. 

I want to once again thank sunsetagain for the insperation. Hopefully will post next chapter soon.

Next Chapter

Walk in Two Worlds: AC Rogue Fic Chapter 4Chapter 4
   Katie quickly rolled onto her back as she dodged an arm reaching around. She’d gotten on her feet, and started to give a fist fight. Her leg throbbed as she can feel the hot liquid tracing down her torn up stocking. Most of them men were down founded that this frail looking girl could make a few punches. But two of the men grabbed her arms from behind, holding her like a wild colt. She thrashed as hard as she could, but both men were too strong to lose their grip.
The leader came to her, bending down to see her eyes. His lip was split opened, and it wasn't caused by one of Katie’s punches.
“Your familia has truly been intolerable, they should of given us what we wanted. Perhaps this will be a excellent…” The leader traced Katie’s cheek as he completed his sentence. “Alternative.”
Katie spat in the spaniards eye, causing him to step back. He cursed in Spanish as he wiped the sal

Previous chapter

Walk in Two Worlds: AC Rouge Fanfic Chapter 2Chapter 2
    Cassidy’s home cooked meals were always the highlight of Katie’s return home. On her travels to the homestead and trips with Jean Pierce, they were very simple, yet necessary. Dried up game meat, bread, and cheese on a rare occasion. Tonight however, Cassidy had made her famous shepherds pie, a strong Irish tradition that stayed true to the Shepherd family. The meal was accommodated with the loaf of bread that Katie had picked up earlier after landing in New York harbor. Cassidy always makes this meal either when Katie comes home from her long journey or when her brother’s birthday comes around. Katie looked up to see Cassidy looking mostly at her with a sense of memories and sadness. Both Barry and Katie knew why this sudden recollection would come about.
    Katie’s father, Nathaniel Shepard, was the youngest of three children. Cassidy being the oldest and only girl in th

First chapter:
Walk in Two Worlds: An AC Rogue Fanfic Chapter 1To the recipient of this USB file,
 I am not sure how you got this, but I pray that this is in Assassin hands. But if not, there is an email that you need to contact. I am bleeding and barely keeping it settle in a internet Cafe, but it is hard to do…when you are injured by a shot in the arm.
I don’t have much time, in the following is an email All you have to do is email it with a simple code. It’s NOTHINGISTRUE72! Just send a copy of the folder and it will get there. You may expect someone contacting you for more information. In the mean time, you are responsible for this data. This is data from Abstergo Entertainment on an unknown subject matter. This subject’s DNA will be the key…
Need to go. All I can say, the ancestor your about to witness is an assassin from the French and Indian war. Abstergo skipped the rest due to the first data being…normal at that time. But I have dug into it, and trust me,

Characters © Ubisoft
Katie Shepherd © Shawnie J. Peck
Illustration © Sonala


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