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Plushy Giveaway

Thu Jan 5, 2017, 1:28 PM

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Okay so my journal of starting the new year with a plushy giveaway thanks Lightning-Bliss for letting me know about this!

-Current- kiashone's Christmas GiveawayFinally, up the winning plush will be put on the end of my current list. Hope, all you guys are having a great time. ^W^
Date: December 24, 2016- January 7, 2017
The winners will be picked at random on the 7th about 8pm Eastern time.
The winners has 24 hours to claim their prize, before redrawing.

One Simple Mare, Dr. Hooves body type Stallion, Filly, or Colt.
This can be cannon or OC.
~Light gradients of one color is okay but no more.
~No clothing allowed (unless Princess then a crown only this is for filly princesses)
~No 3d printed items.

Rules to Enter Giveaway:
Must be a watcher.Must write a journal about this giveaway/linking it, and link the journal in the comment below with this form filled out:

The quality of the plushes is remarkable!

Lightning Bliss V6 by kiashone
Dr. Wolf and Mrs. Wolf by kiashone
Starcatcher V6 by kiashone
BlackJack V6 by kiashone

It be my dream come true to see either KC as a professional or even Winter Dawn in this high quality of plushy form

Darkhorse of K.C. by JeweledFaith

Winter Dawn Reference sheet by JeweledFaith

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Chapter 10

July 1756

“The templars had been active in the Boston area, I believe that Grand Master Kenway’s commanders were more involved. No one had seen Kenway for months.” As she read the reports to her masters from Pierce, Katie noticed that Achilles and Hope seemed distracted within a deep thought, as if someone had recently died. She didn’t want to ask them for what was in their minds, for she’d made that mistake too many times in her life; for they usually lead to a heated reply due to the eleventh commandment: Mind your own business. 

So she’d figured that she would ask Liam after their training session later on that day, which turned more challenging then Katie ever anticipated. For Liam had decided it was time for her to learn hand to hand combat. Though it wasn’t Katie’s first dance in compact, it was mostly with Hope and the other female assassins. This session however, was with a man twice as big as her and much stronger.

As she prepared for her stance, an unexpected amount of pain struck her side of the fact. She stumbled back, only to quickly stumble back upright, just intimate to dodge a throw punch. She swiftly gave a hook from underneath his chin. Liam didn’t had a chance to strike back as he stumbled, and Katie pinned the Irish man to the ground. 

As they hoisted themselves up, Liam still remained quiet when he sat down upon a stool and drank his water skin.  

As Katie took the water skin to drink, she’d asked her master, “So what has happened recently? Why does everyone look so frustrated? Has something happened?”

Liam blink as if he’s noticed that Katie was in the room for the first time. “We have lost a brother and the manuscript a few months ago.” His voice was tired and dry.

Katie shrugged, “Most of our brothers die all over this wide world for the creed everyday. I’m sure …”

“It’s not related to a mission, Katie, he betrayed the brotherhood. He took the manuscript that was recently taken away from the Templars just only recently.”

Katie almost spat out her drink, her mind was filled with a sudden grip of fear. But she had to know for sure, “Wasn’t there a motive behind his actions?” 

Liam gave a signed, “You remember the mission your cousin was on back at ‘51?”

Katie nodded. 

How could she have not known. According to the reports, there was a massive earthquake that destroyed many villages and killed hundreds, Daniel being one of them.

“Well, he was on his was to investigate a possible precursor sight to retrieve the piece of eden. He claimed that a great earthquake had been caused by meddling with the precursor temples. The same action at Lisbon like in Haiti.”

Katie realized who he was talking about. 

Lisbon? Shay mentioned Lisbon once in his nightmare and many time in his delusions. 

 “Was this your friend, the one you mentioned a few times was suppose to aid in finishing my training?”

Liam gave a slow nod. “Achilles confronted him when he caught Shay in his office as the theft took place. Shay ran to the cliffs edge. These edges.We tried to get the manuscript back by negotiating, but he cried out that he couldn’t, that he would not allow this tragedy to happen again, and that one more soul lost hardly matters. Before he’d jumped from the cliffs, he had been shot, not sure who though. We’d never found the body.”

Katie’s chest felt tighter then a war drum. 

Could the man who she cared for months prior be Liam’s friend? The one he’d thought had died in the Atlantic? 

OH GOD! Katie exclaimed in her mind. I’ve not only harbored an assassin, but a traitor, and possibly a candidate for the templars. And Liam doesn’t know! Well, maybe it’s better this way, I may end up turning Shay back to the Assassin’s. As far as I can see, they don’t know that Shay’s alive and well…well mostly.

Katie sighed and placed a hand on his shoulder.

“I’m so sorry Liam.” She said. 

Liam squeezed her hand and looked at her with an expression thankfulness.

Liam then commented, “You would of liked Shay, Katie. To be honest, I was going to recommend a mission for you two to Achilles to hunt for more temples. But…” Liam went quiet for a moment, Katie could of sworn that she saw her master’s eyes water for a moment.

“He really meant a lot to you.”

Liam nodded in agreement “More of the brother I’d never had. I suppose he was the Daniel in my life, with no blood relations.” He rose from the chair and grabbed his robe. “Come on lass, we best better see what templar affairs take us.”

Katie still remembered when Liam first told her about “Shay’s death” almost a year ago when after Shay left the Finnegan's with the Morrigan. She was still astounded that she managed to keep the fact that Shay is alive a secret for over a year now. 

April 1757

The Frontier, New York

“Tracking a prey is the same principle as your target. You learn by observing the surrounding of their ways of living, eating, and on rare occasions mate upon one another.” Kesegowaase and Katie were both crouched down upon a cliff’s edge near the homestead, observing a bull elk grazing upon a new batch of spring grass. The native assassin had been teaching Katie the art of stealth, hunting, survival, and tracking targets for the past four days. The range from from rabbits to deer, and seemed that Katie will now target an elk. 

“You must hide in plain sight, and never let anything give you away.”

“Unless you need the target to come to you.” The girl finished the formal scout’s words. She slowly made her way down the cliff into the tall brushes. Katie could feel her heart beating with exhilaration as she stalked the beasts.

By far she’d pushed herself harder as she struggled to approach the large bulls without causing a small noice. A twig snap, a slip of the foot on a rocky edge, anything that fate seemed to throw at Katie for amusement. The bulls lifted their heads and turned towards her direction, their breaths visible rom the cold morning air. One of the bulls then started to trot towards Katie’s position. Katie had no choice but to emerge and made her way forward to the beast. The elk’s massive antlers swung towards her, she dodged them by rolling on the ground. She then withdrew her hidden blade and reached across to cut the bull’s neck. Hot blood splashed upon her face; yet it didn’t stop the elk in it’s tracks. She felt a sharp hood stomping on her leg. She withdrew her arm again and this time stabbed it at the base of the neck. A massive amount of weight crashed upon Katie. Her arm was still in the elk’s neck, yet it cried for release as the weight of it’s neck compressed against it, more blood drained from the neck down to her arms.

Thanks be to the heavens I didn't eat anything this morning. 

Katie felt the limp elk’s head being removed from her as Kesegowaase pulled from it’s antlers. She withdrew her blade from the neck and hoisted herself from the ground. She noticed that the elk was an eighteen point with mass mussel.

The native assassin nodded his head. “You’d done well Katie, if you were a young huntress, a templar would of struck you dead before your blade would be withdrawn.”

Katie sighed in frustration. “Least I’d put up a fight Kesegowaase. And now we have meet for our brothers and the sailers. Rations are already scarce since King Loui and Georgie had been butting heads.”

Kesegowaase didn’t say anything, his silence pierced the air. He then withdrew his hunting knife and started to skin the elk. Katie withdrew her knife as well and assisted in skinning the massive mammal. She could hear Kesegowaase utter a phrase in his native language, Probably a moment of thanks to whatever force he believes in. As she pulled the hide from the elk, she said in her mind, Thank you for your body. For providing food and whatever it can give. Now return to your creator in peace.   

Kesegowaase then sent Katie to fetch their horses as they hoisted the animal up a tree to drain the blood and removed the rest of the hide from the animal. The native removed the head and tied it upon his saddle, the mass antlers made the horse look like a small pony in comparison. Katie but the meats apart and wrapped them in some cheesecloth that was in her saddlebag. When both master and student were pleased with their work, they rode back towards the homestead.

“Ah. The little lamb has found her way here!”  

Katie rolled her eyes with a scuff. Ever since she joined the brotherhood, the french captain had always called her that title for being in terms “innocent child”. She then started to unload her saddlebags of all the meat. “This “lamb” managed to bring a bull large enough for our “brothers” to feast on Captain.”

“From the looks of your clothes you must of escaped a butcher shed.” 

Katie looked down to see her bloodied apprentice robes. 

“You best better clean up Katie. The mentor wants to speak to you of important matters before you head back to your herbs and potions.”  

Katie did just that, after deliveringg the meat to the main kitchen then she washed herself of the blood from her face and removed her robes. She dressed in a simple grey and blue dress and pulled her hair into a braid. 

That evening, Katie, Achillies, Liam, and Telmenbatch (another assassin from New York) sat down to a meal of elk prime with potatoes, mushrooms, and roasted cabatch. Throughout the evening Katie and Telmenbatch reported the mass reports of explosions on assassin factories and buildings. She also reported that Monro had been active with his army in the Canadian and New England shores, or so she’d been told.

Achilles just sat and listened to all the reports, his face as hard as stone.  

When the super was finished and Katie was about to make her journey back to New York, Achilles handed her a wrapped parcel, it’s rectangular shape looked to be shaped like a jewelry box. The mentor’s eyes looked hard upon Katie as he instructed her. “You must keep this with you at all times Katie. Let no one ever see it or question it’s purpose, until the right moment is upon us.”

Katie lifted the parcel lightly, checking it’s weight. After being satisfied that it weighed no more then a few apples together, she looked at Achilles and asked, “Aye Mentor. But dare if I ask, what is contained in here?”

Achilles raised an eyebrow in thought. His dark eyes distant in thought. “I cannot say anything at this time. Just take this box, and never uncover it’s secrets! Do you understand the task at hand?”

Katie gave a nod and packed it into her rough sack.

As she was about to step out of the front door, Liam stopped Katie in her tracks, he pulled out another wrapped parcel and placed it into her sack. “Whenever your day comes Katie, you can open it then. Safe journey lass.”  

“Thank You, Liam. You be careful as well.” The young woman replied, she lifted her sack over her shoulders and started to make her way down the road from Davenport.

Katie decided to take the road this time, for the spring weather was to beautiful to be spent on a ship.

The day before, the twenty second day of April was her twentieth birthday. She normally would have a glorious meal of roasted goose since she and Cassidy shared a birthday month, only to be two weeks apart; however the assassin’s assignments forced her to adjured the tradition until she returned to New York. Katie felt the paper wrapped items the Liam and Achilles had pressed into her sounders. One of them Katie could feel was a small wooden box, two of the corners tearing through the paper and pressed against her shoulders. 

Just get this box and never uncover it’s secrets Was all she could think of.

Katie wanted to stop for a moment, if only to see the contents of what she suspects to be the precursor box; but she never wanted to risk getting into more trouble. 

Curiosity kills the cat after all. Better to be killed by that then a templar. Could be a Pandora’s box?

But there was one package she could open. 

Katie stopped underneath a giant oak tree, and pulled out the parcel that Liam had given her. How did he know about Katie’s birthday? How do these assassin masters know so much? She untied the string and pulled apart the brown parchment. Laying folded was a long dark grey robe with a hood. It was edged around with grey threads giving a floral line pattern around the cuffs of the sleeves and the edges below by the feet. As she opened the novel to read the title, The Adventures of Arabella by Charlotte Lennox, she also noticed that the pages were marked with dried flowers pressed into the pages. A note was placed within the center of the spine. She took it as read it,

Achilles wanted to present these robes to you properly, but we all know that time is not always on our side. You have proven yourself to be a resurrection of the creed. You and I will be on a mission soon within two months possibly; but in the mean time, continue what you do until you hear word from Achilles. 

As for the novel, I understand that this month is your birthday, I hope you enjoy this as much as I did.


Katie touched the robes, surely this was recently made new just for her. Most of the assassin robes were passed down from fallen comrades or were recycled from the clothes, that is after Abigail’s death. This must of been the last set of robes she had ever made, before the fever took her and little Connor. Katie packed the robes and book deep into her rough sack, picked herself up and headed to New York.

Walk in two Worlds-AC Rogue fanfic Chapter 10
Happy New Year! My gift this year is a long overdue chapter of Walk in two Worlds. It's simple, but I had to post it emediatly

Assassin's Creed Rogue © Ubisoft
Katie Shepherd © Shawnie J. Peck

I owe a lot of you an explanation on my lack of activity for the past two years. So here it is. The entire truth

Which team? 

6 deviants said Team Instinct
4 deviants said Team Mystic
3 deviants said Team Valor



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