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Walk in two Worlds-AC Rogue fanfic Chapter 10
Chapter 10

July 1756

“The templars had been active in the Boston area, I believe that Grand Master Kenway’s commanders were more involved. No one had seen Kenway for months.” As she read the reports to her masters from Pierce, Katie noticed that Achilles and Hope seemed distracted within a deep thought, as if someone had recently died. She didn’t want to ask them for what was in their minds, for she’d made that mistake too many times in her life; for they usually lead to a heated reply due to the eleventh commandment: Mind your own business. 
So she’d figured that she would ask Liam after their training session later on that day, which turned more challenging then Katie ever anticipated. For Liam had decided it was time for her to learn hand to hand combat. Though it wasn’t Katie’s first dance in compact, it was mostly with Hope and the other femal
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Moon of my life, My sun and stars :iconjeweledfaith:JeweledFaith 17 2
Walk in Two Worlds: AC Rogue fanfic Chapter 9
Chapter 9

Art © Sonala
Katie would often visit Daniel’s grave more time even Barry or Cassidy did over the years. She starred down on the standing gravestone. Her eyes were beginning to sting with tears, even though it had been five years now since his death; yet the tears were always held at bay like a water dame. The gravestone was made with a fine stone that Katie couldn’t identify.  The face of it had a script that seemed too little to give the testimony of a family member she loved:
Here lies 
Daniel Louis Finnegan
son, cousin, and comrade
February 15th, 1731

In the hands of our Lord:
 November 21st, 1751
Underneath the final sentence line was a Celtic cross with knots carved out around the grave, a gift from the Coronal after the funeral. But the g
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King of the Prairie :iconjeweledfaith:JeweledFaith 16 2
Walk in Two Worlds: an AC Rogue fanfic Chapter 8

Incoming Message

Let’s see, the timing of the last memory was in-between August to September of ’56. So from what I’m seeing here, Shay had a few short missions, Katie was training the french grease boy, and the assassin’s aided the french near the river valley. 

Ah. This fragment of memory looks interesting; maybe a link to what we may be looking for. But, we have to get through one part of this memory. And from what I’m seeing, maybe a downer. Still, Bishop needs every information that could aid us. Even if it means a “grave” visit.
Okay, that was creepy dark.
End of Message

Activating Sequence
Chapter 8
It was a pale gray day, in the month of February. The fresh snow was covered the half melted snow and ice on the streets. Katie walked through the dampened road with relief from her last visits in the Manhattan and Brooklyn side of th
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It's your day mother :iconjeweledfaith:JeweledFaith 3 6 The Trio of Twlayze :iconjeweledfaith:JeweledFaith 5 0 Memories :iconjeweledfaith:JeweledFaith 7 0
Walk in Two Worlds: AC Rogue Fic Chapter 7
Chapter 7
    Walking along the streets, Katie and Shay watched the people passing as they walked toward Katie’s home. A crowd was just admiring the reconstruction of the catholic church, the one Katie and her family attend mostly. Katie gave a smile that seemed to had made Shay feel proud of himself for aiding the congregation, even though he himself would go on and off at the services. Shay only remembered being in a church when his Aunt Eliza had taken him from time to time, the oldest memories were the magic lantern that the father would show to the children. The thought one again turned his attention back to the thought of Liam. He oftener wondered about him, and the grief that he must be going through.
“Cassidy mentioned that you helped funded this with Monro.” Shay’s thoughts were interrupted as Katie spoke. 
“After the way those gangs terrorized this street, the Corneal reckoned we give the people
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The Triple guards :iconjeweledfaith:JeweledFaith 11 2 Stars :iconjeweledfaith:JeweledFaith 19 4
Beggars Dust and Golden Castles-original Fairytale
Once upon a time in a small village far away, there lived a young poor woman that earned her keep by ringing bells near the beggars dust. Dispite her life situation, she was determmend to have a better life for herself.
One day, the young woman was on her way back to her family at dusk, when suddenly she saw an old man sitting on the side of the road looking worn. Now there was bridle gossip about this old man and warned people to stay away; nevertheless, the young woman felt compassonet toward the old man and went to him.
“What is troubling you dear sir?” She asked.
“I am sick, sore, and hungry!” Said the old man. ”I’ve been sitting in the beggar’s dust for hours and hours yet not one soul had given me something to eat.”
Now the young woman remembered that in her sack that she had a spare apple and breast from the last chicken that she and her family killed.
Feeling merciful, she said,
“Old man, take my apple and chicken breast. I&
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Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial Poem
On a beautiful spring day
evil came upon the street’s way
In a federal building where workers that worked for the government
Not a single person in that building did wrong to the man at his moment.
It took everyday fertilizer by the pounds times thousands
plus fuel and a truck to make concrete crumble and glass like diamonds.
Air howled, floors collapsed, and a great boom
A sound that was the start of a great gloom.
The crys came as soon as possible
while rescue workers made the scramble
that a love one maybe alive or dead
some were laying on the gravel bed.
Some were whole when found
Others wait for a small sound.
Miles away at a time of two hours
The villin was stopped by an officer’s powers
Even then, the officer did knew
what Oklahoma City was going through.
He did not know at the time
That children were singing a nursery rhyme
That was before the bomb from Hell
Exploded in front of their nursery shell.
A nation was stricken by this act
that an American did that.
He too
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Walk in Two Worlds: AC Rogue Fanfic Chapter 6
Chapter 6
    Two weeks had passed, and Katie was summoned through a secret note, to be at a private meeting with Hope and Chevalier at Hope’s mansion in the downtown district. As much as she was pleased to see assassin influence upon the gang members, it still made Katie apprehensive whenever she would pass by each member. Few of them will whistle at her, or some would say comments that Katie would block from her mind. She knocked on the front door, and a very muscled man answered the door.
“Yes, what do you want?” He’d asked in a thick german accent.
Katie gulped at she looked up at the 6’2 man, his hand seemed to be strong enough to break her arm alone.  
“I’m…I’m Katie Shepherd, Mistress Jensen has sent for me.” Katie reached into her pocket and gave the goliath a copy of the letter. He looked at it, then to her, and back down again. He then stepped away from the d
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Rarity interigates :iconjeweledfaith:JeweledFaith 4 1

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Journal Entry: Thu Mar 16, 2017, 12:06 PM
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Hey everyone,

I want to extend your attention to an amazing artist that is need of commissions. She and her husband rely on her part time job and commissions, but is in a tight situation.

So if you have a human character or an Assassin's creed oc, check out BabeLast . She's also the artist responsible for this amazing video we collaberated together.

Open up for Commission...! by BabeLast
Commission is open...! by BabeLast

Jacob Frye in armor by BabeLast Wings of Hope 07 by BabeLast A Love Between Two Different World by BabeLast

Jacob Frye VS Jack the Ripper by BabeLast This is not training, Jack by BabeLast Abigail Frye, Jacob Frye daughter by BabeLast

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I have 2500 points that I barely use, anyone willing to buy them off me? Note me if interested

So which assassin's creed Character should have a painting like this in my apartment? 

4 deviants said Connor Kenway
1 deviant said Shay Cormac
No deviants said Jacob Frye
No deviants said Leia in the Sky of Diamonds by shyredd the painting would be like this


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