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The Frozen Pony Poster WIP by JeweledFaith
The Frozen Pony Poster WIP
My wip of my MLP: FiM poster, this is also the scene of examining the frozen Blayze.

MLP © Hasbro
Blayze © Shawnie J. Peck
vector &copy AquaticNeon
Story #1 Pony in the Ice

Chapter 1

    Princess Twilight Sparkle and all her friends were marveling at their finished work in the formal castle of the sisters. They had been reconstructing the ruins for over a year now, and the memories of the construction was very memorable. From phantoms, comic-book world transfers, and so much more. 

    Pinkie Pie’s eyes were wide and bright with excitement at the sight of the restored throne room. The two old tapestries of the royal sisters were shimmering in the light. Rarity was very pleased with her work. Ever since she took the tapestries down for repair, she decided to try to create the second version of her spatially made fabric. The night and day seemed like a fantasy world window to those who look upon the tapestries. The roof and stones were reconstructed thanks to the works of the Apple Family’s fallen trees from Sweet Apple Acres; even the Pie Family’s rock farm provided the stones to place in the ruins. Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash also provided a wind hard enough to blow out the dust. 

    Every pony had definitely played her part.

    “Oh wowie!” Pinkie Pie exclaimed. "I can’t believe that the castle looks as amazing as a quadropal sunday with lots of cherries on top!” 

    Twilight’s violet eyes gleamed with pride and contentment. She gave a sigh and replied, “I have to agree with you Pinkie, the castle looks more presentable now after a thousand years of abandonment.”

    “Presentably awesome if you know what I’m talking about.” Rainbow Dash commented, as she flies around the thrown room with a thrill of high energy. 

    “Well partners, I’m pretty sure that the Princesses will be might a pleased with this place.” Said Applejack. 

    Rarity turned and gave a stylist opinion look upon Applejack, and said, “Of course, with a bit of fixing touches and lots of TLC, this place becomes astoundingly fabulous if I do say so myself.”

    “Let’s just not get caught up in a railroad of traps again.” Spike commented after finishing the Power Pony and Posassin’s Creed crossover comic.

    Twilight then pulled out a rolled up blueprint that she had just completed the retrace from the original copy, before it was resolved to dust. 

    “Well least we don’t have to worry about anymore unexpected surprises. But I still don’t understand why the map pointed us here?”

    Earlier that morning at Twilight’s Castle, the round table map had signaled the six friends to go to the castle of the two sisters. All throughout the year, the six friends had been all over Equestria spreading the magic of friendship to those in need. What Twilight could not understand why the map sent them to a place that had been abandoned for over a thousand years. She figured that bringing the reconstructed blueprint would partially help the mares in their quest.

    Pinkie Pie’s head starts shake and turn, and her eyes rolled all around uncontrollably. 

    Spike jumped, hiding behind the comic book, using it as a shield. In a panicked tone asked, “Uh Pinkie, please tell me you know that sense?”

    Pinkie smiled and said, “Nope. Never felt that one before.”

    Everyponie’s eyes were widened with a great sense of uncertainty and fear. Fluttershy’s ears backed down as she backed two steps to be behind Rarity. “Oh my, perhaps we should leave now.” She said quietly. “I mean, if Pinkie’s sense is true then we should go ahead and get the princesses to show them the castle.”

    As Rainbow Dash lands on the ground, she suddenly notices a long rope behind a pillar. She trotted over to investigate the mystery item. She had never noticed the rope during the renovation.

    “Hey guys, has this always been here?”

    Curiosity had come over Rainbow Dash as she pulled the rope down.

    The ground had begun to shake.

    “Rainbow what did you do!” Applejack yelled over the rumbles.

    The six ponies and the young dragon huddled close to one another. A door suddenly opened on the floor and the group was on a smooth stone slide, going through a dark cave with crystals all around the sides. The colors showed an aura green and ice blue. Spike held on to Fluttershy’s tail and stood in a water skiing style. They reached the bottom of the slide with Twilight at the bottom and everyone else on top of her. 

    Everyone groaned after the impact along with Pinkie’s statement of the event, “Can we do it again?”

    As everyone of the ponies got up from the dog pile, Rarity and Twilight used their magic to light up the cave. The crystal cave that was similar to the one in Canterlot, but it was in colors of ice blue and aura green. The air even had a frosty chill in the air.

    “Where are we?” Asked Fluttershy in a fragile tone.

    “We seemed to be in a glamorous cave full of stunning crystals.” Rarity answered, her eyes widened at the closest crystal near the slide. “I may have to make a winter fabric based on this look.”

    Twilight was looking over the blueprint. “I don’t remember this secret cave at all. What do you think this is used for?” 

    “Maybe we should explore this place.” Spike suggested. “And later we could snack of these delicious looking crystals.” Spike’s mouth was all but drooling at the thought of it.

    “Spike dose have a point.” Stated AppleJack “We should probably find a way back up top.”

    “Maude would love this slide rock.” Pinkie Pie commented randomly regarding the smooth stone. She tried to fun up the slide, only to be sliding back to the bottom. 

    Twilight turned her gaze away from the cave and looked at her band of six. ”Alright every pony, let’s go then; but we need to stay close. Who knows what we might find.” 

    So the group went farther down the cave, and as they went further in, the door on top closed shut. As they went deeper into the cave, they noticed that more shards of ice were on the crystals. Pinkie Pie examined a pillar with curiosity, laughing at the different shapes the reflections made. 

    Rainbow Dash flew ahead of the group by six yards, when suddenly she hit something cold and hard. “Hey! What’s the big, woah!”

    The group stopped in their tracks to look at the source of the wreck. There standing in the middle of an open clearing is an ice sculpture of an alicorn stallion. The sculpture was fixed into an stance pose, as if he was ready for a spell to launch in battle, his wings streached out, one leg was halfway bent up. 

    “Goodness!” Rarity exclaimed. “What a masterpiece! Why would any pony leave such art down here?”

    “It would be sweet in Mr. and Mrs. Cake’s summer ice sculpture competition coming up.”  Pinkie said.

    The group looked at the statue in different angles, the light of Rarity and Twilight’s magic made the sculpture shine and glitter. He appeared to be much taller then Twilight. There were some light shapes of white snowflakes upon the sculpture. What was also different about it, that t wasn’t see through. The color was of a glacier blue.

    “Do you recon he was a prince or something?” Applejack asked as she looked at his wings.

    “I’m not really sure Applejack.” Twilight replied as she walked from the back towards the front. “There isn't any prince I knew of in The History of Equestrian Royalty.”

    “Maybe if you look at his face, perhaps it be recognizable from a royal portrait or something.”

    Twilight took Applejack’s advice and went in front of the sculpture. She looked up and down. To the left and right. She decided to look closer, and as her horn touched the sculptures horn, a spark suddenly appeared from hers and the sculptures. Twilight gasped as the sculptures eyes started to glow. Twilight jumped back and the group huddled behind Twilight; a huge crack came across the chest of the sculpture, then it's wings, and all over the body.

    “Twilight what did you do?!” Spike cried out.

    “I don’t know!” Twilight replied with panic.

    The ice from the wings broke apart to revile a set of ice blue wings with white tips at the end.

    The wings flapped a few times up and down. An aurora of northern light blue-green glowed around the horn. Then with a burst of magic, all the ice was flying everywhere. Some of the ice shards were flying toward the group, and with a quick reflex Twilight shielded everyone with her magic. The shards shattered at the contact of the shield. 

    Everyone looked up to see that in place of the sculpture was an actual alicorn stallion. His eyes were still glowing white, his eyes shut and he had fainted to the ground.

    Everyone’s eyes were wide with fear, and curiosity. Everypony started to walk towards the stallion. The stallion had a minty blue coat with a messy mane and tail of a medium shade of blue and white. The only trace of white on the mane was a dash of hair covering his eye. He had white hooves, along with a cutie mark of a simple snowflake on his flank.

    Spike stepped closer to the stallion and asked, “Is he…”

    “I don’t think so.” Fluttershy stated. “I can see him breathing. i hope he’s okay.”

    “Who is he?” Rainbow Dash asked.

    “A FROZEN PONY!” Pinkie Pie shouted. “This maybe one of the greatest things that has ever been discovered!”

    “How is it possible that a stallion could survive being frozen after all these years?”

    Twilight stepped closer to observe the stallion’s face. The face suddenly flinched, and he started to groan.

    “It looks we have to find out ourselves." Twilight said.

    Twilight placed a hoof over the stallion's forehead, it was cold to the touch “He’s cold to the touch!” Twilight said. “We must take him back to Ponyville.”

    “And clean him up as well.” Rarity added, her nose wrinkled at the state of the stallion’s mane.

    "So how are we suppose to take him to Ponyville?" Rainbow Dash asked. 

    Twilight gave a quick thought, she then said, "Rarity and I could both use our magic to carry him back." 

    Rarity and Twilight lifted the stallion off the ground as he floated in the air. Rarity struggled for a while, but then she had gained enough magic to carry the full weight. The group followed through the cave. wondering when it will ever end.

    “OH LOOK! The light!” Pinkie Pie cried out. A rim of daylight was shining into the cave. Shards of the light went through the crystal and ice pillars.

    The group was relieved from the cold of the cave, giving their eyes time to readjust to the daylight before returning to Ponyville. 

    The citizens of Ponyville were going through their daily routine. During the day, the town would mostly be dominated by mares since most of the stallions would be working in the fields. The citizens were content, even with a castle occupying a field outside the town, and by far there was always something happening. 

    An amethyst mare named Sparkler noticed Princess Twilight Sparkle and her friends coming through the streets. Normally she wouldn’t care about passing ponies, that changed when she noticed an alicorn stallion was being carried with blue and magenta magic around him. Suddenly, many of the mares looked at the same direction that Sparkler was seeing. All were whispering, and wide eyed curiosity came. Some of the ponies found him handsome, others mysterious. 

    Twilight gave a small nod to the mares of the town. She somehow knew that this was going to be an interesting examination.  

Pony in the Ice: Chapter 1
Here it is, the long awaited first chapter of the My Little Pony fanfic that I had been developing in the works for the past year. This is an introduction to Blayze, and how the Mane Siz (and Spike) meet him.

Chapter 1: Present
Pony in the Ice: Chapter 2


Blayze-MLP: FiM OC Character Reference Sheet by JeweledFaith

Mlp © Hasbro
Blayze © Shawnie J. Peck
Anybody that has a account I need your help asap. Note me.

Story #1-Pony in the Ice

Chapter 3

Twilight, Blayze, and Spike made their way to the castle. Blayze was in admiration on how the castle took in shape of a tree. Spike had told Blayze everything about the Golden Oaks library, how it was destroyed by Terik, and how the tree of Harmony gave the mane six rainbow power and the castle of friendship. He also told the stories of how the castle provided a map to point out areas of Equestria that needed the magic of friendship. Twilight wondered on how Spike could be such a tour guide of history. Perhaps he is starting to mature a bit more. 

They had finally made it to the castle, Blayze had marveled the interior of the castle. It seemed smaller on the outside and yet it’s larger on the inside. He then saw seven thrones through a doorway, six of them had shapes on the top part. He recognized some of them as Twilight’s cutie mark, along with Pinkie Pie, Rarity, Fluttershy, Applejack, and Rainbow Dash. The seventh throne looked to be of Spike’s size. A large crystal table had occupied the space in between the thrones, it looked to be a map of Equestria. What Blayze also noticed was that there was one space at the area that seemed absent. Twilight then continued through and they both sat down at the library.

Twilight offered Blayze a place to sit on some cosines. He took up the seat just as Twilight did. She noticed that Blayze’s expression seemed to had changed to a tired and saddened. She then addressed to Blayze,

“Right. Blayze I know you must be going through a lot on your mind right now. But we must write a note to Princess…”

“Everyone’s gone.” Twilight was stunned at the interruption. 

“I’m sorry, but who’s gone?” She asked hesitantly. 

A tear went down his cheek.

“My family. My friends. The life I once knew.”

Twilight felt a flood of empathy in her heart. She placed a hoof on his shoulder.

“It’s going to be fine.” Twilight said with insurance. “You haven’t lost all. Princess Cadence is still around. She’s my sister-in-law after all and  runs and protects the Crystal Empire.” 

Blayze’s eyes widened. The little filly that he would often foal sit grew up to be a ruler of a banished empire. Perhaps once he gets settled, he will have to hear everything that had transpired. 

“And you still have Celestia and Luna.” Twilight continued. “Speaking of which, Spike take a note.”

Spike was just finished with bandaging his worn out writing claws. He groaned and said,

“Come on Twilight, my claws are still sore from the last research writing.”

“Spike! We have to report to Princess Celestia about Blayze, and I’m sure he will want to contact Celestia and explain what had happened.”

Spike gave a sigh. Picking up a quill and parchment.

“Fine. Ready when you are Twilight.” 

Twilight cleared her throat and quoted the letter out loud.

“Dear Princess Celestia,

I’m very pleased, yet unsure to inform you that we had made a discovery at you and Princess Luna’s formal castle. Earlier this morning, my friends and I were sitting at the thrones when the map pointed us to your castle. We had just completed the reconstruction and renovation of the castle. We had found a trap door that we had not yet discovered or we just overlooked.

The door took us to a crystal cave where we discovered the frozen state of Lord Blayze. I’m sure from what I’m told that you knew him…”

Twilight continued speaking the letter out loud to Spike as he wrote down the words. Blayze could not help but feel the warmth of the fireplace, it was a comfort from the frozen pain he went through. He placed his head on his front legs and his eyes lowered half way down as if half asleep. The emotions seemed to have withdrawn the strength out of him. He turned away from the flames and looked at the lavender alicorn near him. He felt suddenly light, he’d noticed that Twilight seemed simple. Perhaps thats why he found alikeness with her. For many ponies of the court a thousand years ago thought him to be too plain looking. His only claim of worthiness to him was when he aided the pegausi rerouting the rogue windigos away from Equestria. Shortly after that, Celestia had shown him the mysterious realm and had been an alicorn ever since. Blayze also found Twilight a bit attractive, but he knew to keep his mouth shut for now at this time.

Therefore, I decided to currently be a hostess to him until actions can be made. I await your reply.

From your forever faithful student

Princess Twilight Sparkle.”

As Spike concluded the letter, he breathed it with green fire as the letter swirled into the air with the flame. Twilight looked at the exalted stallion staring half blanked at him. He blinked in realization and his head shot up, embarrassed that he got caught looking like a zombie. Twilight gave an odd half smile. She couldn't help but feel a bit awkward, but she let that slide by.

“Well Blayze, Spike can show you the guest room, and we can talk more tomorrow.”

Blayze had rose up and started to follow Spike. He then turned his head to look at Twilight.

“Thanks, for helping me out. Goodnight.”

“Oh um…Goodnight.” Twilight replied.

Spike and Blayze were walking down the long hallways of the castle. Blayze could see some stain glass windows that told stories of Equestria of today. He even wondered about the history that tells of the absent time. Spike stopped at a door and opened it up. The room was spacious, yet had an elegance to it. It had a desk with a bookshelf installed with it, a writing stationary and quill was placed at the center. The room also had a bed with curtains, paintings of Equestrian landscape, a wash bin, and a mirror. Blayze stepped into the room, eyeing the bed. Spike followed in and said,

“Must be nice to finally get to be, well moving again I guess.”

Blayze was still pondering the room, seeing on the bedside table, a basket full of candy and sweets, a label on top read, “Presented by Sugar Cube Corner” upon it. Blayze turned and said,

“Well Spike, at this point I’m just glad that all is well.”

Blayze was finally climbing into the bed, the soft mattress seemed to make his body surrender. 

“Yeah, well goodnight Blayze.” Spike had shut the lamp off on the bedside table, and without a word, the stallion had fallen asleep.

Twilight Sparkle was looking over the history books that were provided, she could barely find anything related to both Blayze and Cadence even. The closest that she’d gotten to was when she looked into the early history of Cloudsdale of snowflake makers. The most famous pony was Snowdrop, the original creator of the snowflake. She had a son also named Blazing Wind. 

Blayze could be his nickname. She thought. She started to write down notes and looked a little deeper.

Spike came into the room, and sat next to Twilight.

“So what do you think is going to happen?” He asked.

Twilight even had thought about it. Her reply was,

“I’m not sure Spike. Princess Celestia would know best.”

“You know, I couldn’t help but noticed him staring at you.”

“Of course he was, he was in an exhausted state. Having being trapped in ice for over a thousand years can burn energy of an alicorn physically. Why else did he ate the amount and nothing changed.”

Spike stared for a moment, blinked and replied,

“Well yes, but I mean in a different way.”

Twilight shook her head.

“We best better get to bed.” She said. “It has been quit a day.”

Both pony and dragon retreated to their room and called it a night.

Princess Luna was wondering through the castle, taking a break from her royal duties for the night. It was rather a quiet night with a no moon. She was about to check on the guards when she saw a light coming out of Celestia’s room. She went over, gave a soft knock and stepped inside. She could see Celestia looking out the window, her face looking distant, as if in memory lane. Luna walked up and said,

“Sister, what are thou doing up at this late at night?”

Celestia didn’t say anything for a long moment. Finally she said,

“Luna, on that day, have you ever remembered your actions prior to becoming Nightmare Moon?”

Luna was shocked to ask this question; never had her sister brought up such a heavy subject. Luna gave it a hard thought and said,

“I have ideas, but most of the memory was foggy. Why sister? Why bring this subject up again.”

Celestia levitated a scroll toward Luna. She could recognize it right away as Princess Twilight Sparkle’s scroll. Luna read the letter, and a wake of her memories swam through her mind. Mostly about Snowdrop, Storm maker, and especially little Blayze.

Luna was friends with Snowdrop for a long time. Luna helped Snowdrop with everything to go through life. Building the snowflake association and proper weather planning for the seasons. Luna witnessed Snowdrop graduating, marrying Storm Maker, and even got to know their young son Blayze. She witnessed him helping the pegasi fending off the rogue windagos, To this day no pony knows why they came. So she and Celestia lead him to the realm and granted him the powers of an alicorn. Even with a horn, he was still a character. For a long time he would get his horn stuck into things like trees, polls, and pillows. Just to name a few. They even talked one day of trying to paint her night sky with a little more color. 

And now Luna had a realization that Blayze had been trapped far longer then what she went through. She now had a large amounts of regrets for her actions. A tear was running down her cheek. She looked up and asked in a half steady voice,

“Did you know of this?”

“Yes. I located him in the cave. In the aftermath of banishing Nightmare Moon, I tried to free him, and even move him out of the cave. The spell however was to strong to overcome. The only ponies that knew were Starswirl, Snowdrop, and myself. I myself had even forgotten about him, until now.”

Luna went to be by Celestia’s side, and asked,

“What shall we do with Blayze?”

Celestia blinked, a thought was shown through her expressions.

“I think we should allow Blayze to rest, and get to know other ponies before assigning him to a duty.”

“And what might that duty be?” Luna asked.

“That sister, it up to Blayze to discover his own destiny. And time can only tell.”

In the mountain, a penguin was running toward towards a deep entrance to a cave, he stopped for a moment to catch his breath before he could speak.

“What is it you want!” A loud voice echoed through.

The penguin shivered in fear. He swallowed for courage as he said,

“Master. An alicorn was just in the village of Ponyville, I think he’s the one responsible for sending off those windigos you sent…”

“THAT YOUNG MEDALLING PEGASUS!” The voice echoed loudly. The ice around the cave started to fall all around the penguin, who was dodging them one by one.

“Look master,” The penguin said with a mixture of boldness and fear. “I know he’s not in your favorites list, but he’s here now and is taking a chance for me to be the master of ice!” 

“I do not care of what you desire for ruling cold weather Charlatan.” The voice bellowed. “In order to exterminate those who don’t agree with you.” 

A unicorn stallion with a thick red and gold collar with a bell dangling below stepped out of the shadows. “You must go beyond the dark, to destroy the light.” He gave a chuckle as red eyes seemed to glow with his aura.  

Equine Secret Santa - cyrillicconsortium by JeweledFaith
Equine Secret Santa - cyrillicconsortium
My equine secret gift for 

This character was rather fun to draw a portrait of WBS Can't Tap This
Note me your mailing address so I can send this to you.

Character © CyrillicConsortium



Shawnie J. Peck
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A deviant in need on commissions

Journal Entry: Fri Nov 28, 2014, 2:00 PM
Hello everyone,

I am writing this to everyone to ask if anybody can help a fellow deviant in need of commissions. My dear friend unicorn-skydancer08 wants to raise money for her school's Secret Santa project as well as the Salvation Army. Along with these causes she wants to buy gifts for her family; but due to school funds sucking her piggy bank, she has so little and wants to give to her family.

She just has a few opening spots to start, but if you give her a note and want art for Christmas, she's the person to go to.

Examples of her work

Night Splendor by unicorn-skydancer08
Edan by unicorn-skydancer08
We Are by unicorn-skydancer08

Twisted Princess: Merida by jeftoon01Memories of Versailles by sunsetagainTemplar Enforcer by sunsetagainBBA Preview Scene - Page 4 by KayFedewaKorra and Frog by Narasura-of-KashiRemember who you are by SonalaPrincess Luna by SilverSlingerApple parents-Into that wild blue yonder by LopoddityMy Little Kenway Family by Mr-DarkBlade






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